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Fruit games can undoubtedly be considered the original form of all slot machines available today. However, even these slots have evolved, so now you can find numerous modern variations in real money online casinos that may look classic but are packed with special features. Classic slots such as Merkur's Fruitinator and Löwenplay's New Crazy Seven are pitted against modern slot machines like Bally Wulff's Take 5 and Play'n GO's Fire Joker, and they all fall into the fruit game category.

Fruit games – Die besten Online Slots

What are fruit games?

Fruit games are commonly referred to as those slot machines that feature symbols represented by fruits. These types of slot games are often known as Classic Slots because they rely on simple rules. We are talking about online slots that are traditionally played on 3 reels, each with 3 visible positions and up to a maximum of 5 paylines. However, nowadays, fruit games also include more elaborate video slots with additional reels, positions, and paylines.

Was sind fruchtespiel?

How do fruit slots work?

Basic gameplay

When it comes to fruit games, the gameplay is essentially no different from modern multimedia slot machines. The main objective remains the same: to obtain identical symbols on one of the paylines in order to generate corresponding winnings. Typically, here too the ubiquitous minimum requirement of 3 identical images applies. Before diving into a fruit slot with real money, it's always advisable to inquire beforehand whether it's a classic game or a modern gameplay with special features.

Classic Slots

Classic Slots

When it comes to fruit games, we usually think of classic slots - those simple slot machines that are set up without any special features. The symbol sets used in these games are mostly adorned with fruits, but they often also include bells, BAR symbols, and the famous number seven as high-value symbols. At the same time, these fruit games are equipped with only a handful of paylines, with 3 running horizontally and 2 running diagonally.

The classic fruit games are the slot machines, which are also available in large numbers as online slots. Often, game providers design these slot machines in a traditional manner, featuring a lever that you use to start the spins with a click. Many fruit games of this kind are underestimated in terms of their winnings. However, in relation to the bet, they often offer exceptionally lucrative payouts, even though the volatility is usually much lower compared to modern online slots.

Modern video slots

New and modern slot machines can also be classified among fruit games. The symbol sets of classic slots are as identical as two peas in a pod. However, there are slot machines with 10, 20, 30, or even more paylines that span across 5 reels. For instance, Fruit Rush by Bally Wulff features 6 reels, 4 visible reel positions, and 20 paylines. Additionally, providers have responded to the demand by incorporating bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, wild reels, and more into these slots.

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