Slot machines featuring wild symbols.

One of the fundamental features in many slot machines are wild symbols. They are almost considered a standard feature in online slots, even some classic fruit slots have been equipped with them. Without these placeholders, slots like Immortal Romance by Microgaming, New Crazy Seven by Löwenplay, and Mega Fortune by NetEnt would certainly be only half as interesting. Get valuable information about this essential symbol here.


What is a wild?

A wild or wild symbol is a placeholder symbol in online slot machines. It's like a joker in card games. Its purpose is to complete or expand symbol sequences or combinations. Typically, a wild can only replace regular game symbols and not special symbols like scatters or other bonus symbols. Multiple wilds can be involved in a winning combination. Depending on the slot machine, they can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a profitable symbol sequence.

Was ist ein Wild?

Information regarding wild symbols.

This is how a wild works.

When a spin produces a wild symbol, it has the potential to either generate a win or enhance an existing one. In addition to the wild symbol itself, other identical symbols must appear on a payline. Depending on where the wild symbol lands, it can complete a missing symbol sequence or elevate a win to a higher level. If multiple wild symbols appear, it's even possible to achieve a full row of identical symbols, resulting in a maximum win with the corresponding symbol.

Arten von Platzhaltersymbolen

Types of wildcard symbols

There are many online slots that feature individual wild symbols as part of their standard equipment. However, nowadays, there are also numerous slot machines that have special placeholder symbols. These include wild reels, stacked wilds, expanding placeholders, walking wilds, and additional jokers that are added through specific gameplay events. What all these unique bonus symbols have in common is that they serve as substitutes for other symbols.

Advantages of a Wild

Wild symbols, along with scatters, are the most prevalent special symbols found in slot machines. What sets them apart from other bonus symbols are their versatile applications. The wild symbol can substitute for almost any other image, letter, or number symbol. This means it can help you achieve winnings that you might not have otherwise obtained, or it can enhance existing wins. Thus, wilds prove to be valuable helpers when playing online slots.

Wilds and bonus features

Up above, we mentioned the different types of placeholders. Sometimes, though, the wild symbol has special features that have nothing to do with its appearance. For instance, there are combinations with scatters that allow you to win free spins if a sufficient number of them land. Some slots, like Novoline's Dolphin's Pearl, add a multiplier to their wild symbols, doubling or tripling wins with the placeholder.

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